Yonah Freemark

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About Yonah Freemark

Yonah Freemark is senior research associate in Metropolitan Housing and Communities at the Urban Institute. He studies how loc

Education, Teaching, Awards, Grants

Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA | 2016-2020 PhD in Urban Studies, Department of Urban Studies and

Dissertation Project

Mobility Politics: Local Ideologies in the Multi-Jurisdictional Metropolis Successfully defended July 14, 2020. Dissertation C

Research and Publications

I study how local governments shape planning outcomes in the context of political conflict and multi-level governance systems.

Writing: Journalism & Op-Eds

I have worked as a journalist and op-ed contributor on hundreds of articles for more than a dozen outlets, including The New Y

Experience & Employment

Employment Urban Institute, Washington DC Senior Research Associate, 2020-present. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Camb

The Transport Politic

The Transport Politic was created in October 2008 and tracks the state of transit in the U.S. and around the world; I founded

Conference and Workshop Presentations

Academic Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference, October 2020, Online.  “Mobility politics: Es


Below, find a selection of the design work I conducted as a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Yale U