Yonah Freemark

Doubling housing production in the Paris region: A multi-policy, multi-jurisdictional paradigm

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Yonah Freemark (2021). “Doubling housing production in the Paris region: A multi-policy, multi-jurisdictional paradigm.” International Journal of Housing Policy 21(2): 291-305.


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Journal websitehttps://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/19491247.2019.1682233


Housing unit production in the Paris region roughly doubled after a series of reforms made by multiple levels of government.

How can metropolitan regions ramp up housing production to meet the demands of a growing population, after years of inadequate construction and mounting challenges for affordability? I consider recent policy reforms in the Paris region that have successfully doubled that area’s housing-unit completion rate. I show that a focus on social housing, harnessing of publicly owned land, new financial and regulatory incentives, and the enforcement of municipal policy by higher level governments have effectively encouraged development. These policies complemented one another and were implemented by multiple levels of government as part of a shared metropolitan strategy. Paris’ example offers a model for other regions looking to identify appropriate policies to spur construction.

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